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Coca-Cola Global Branding

Coca-Cola branded experience strategy and design



David Butler, Coca-Cola’s VP of innovation, approached and worked with a design team at the Brand Integration Group (BIG) at Ogilvy & Mather in New York. Coca-Cola was seeking to go beyond the existing visual branding with solid red color with clean coke ribbon.


The design team conducted design research then explored numerous design directions. Takao, as one of the lead designer, developed a direction called “Coke Animal World” where creatures made out of coke bottles live. Then brand experience strategy was formed to introduce the Coke Animals in the span of 3 years gradually.



Client: Coca-Cola (Global)
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather | Brand Integration Group

Creative Director: Barry Deck
Lead Designer/Art Director (for all designs in this page): Takao Umehara

Designers for other visual direction: Peter Kaplan, Leigh Okies, Ali Madad, Apirat Infahsaeng



Branding, Package Design


Brand Launch for Japanese Inspired Food Paste Brand



A owner of Yakumi, a Japanese Inspired Food Paste Brand, approached and worked with creativity is everywhere for their brand launch.


We kicked off the project with branding workshop with the owner and surfaced the possible directions for the brand. We further continued design exploration and determined the visual concept of ‘seeds and grains’ which are the main ingredients for the product.



Client: Yakumi
Agency: creativity is everywhere

Creative Director: Takao Umehara
Calligrapher: Midori Yamanaka



Service Design, Business Model Design, Branding

kitadoko cards

Tokyo Based Hair Salon Chains sought to develop a new business model through establishing new service and rebranding



CEO and his chief of staff of Kitadoko, highly successful small hair salon chains, worked with creativity is everywhere to pursue innovation in their business. CreativeGym conducted intense 3-days Business Innovation Workshop and imagined new service design and brand direction.


We used various research methods such as customer journey map, service blueprint, business model canvas, picto business modelling, and identify the opportunity to build a personalised hair stylist service. Based on new service direction, we help to develop a new business model. We also revamped their identity, website as well as interior design for their stores. To further actualise their vision as a personal hairstylist group, we developed a digital personal hair care portal for each customer to access to maintain and learn about their hairstyles and hair care.



Client: Kitadoko
Agency: Creativity is everywhere

Creative Director: Takao Umehara